Restoring a Fiat 500L

Part 2: What have we done?

We love the Fiat 500 here at The Classic Car Company and back in early 2014, we were nearing the end of a number of Fiat 500 projects when our head technician quipped “you better get me the next one then”. Whilst the idea of sourcing another project car was a good one, the situation surrounding the search was far from ideal!

This is the second part of our series on Restoring a Fiat 500L. If you’ve not yet read part one head over there to read it now!

The next morning we unloaded all the parts, washed the car, and took this photograph that flatters the car to no end!

The car wasn't exactly as advertised

We were less than convinced by the ‘recent re-spray’, and what lurked beneath it, so decided to strip the car immediately and send off to the sandblasters.

Good job really, as what came back from the sandblasters was a car needing the following new parts:

  • Front outer panel
  • Front inner panel
  • Front battery tray
  • Front wings
  • Front inner arches
  • Inner and outer sills
  • A pair of doors
  • A pair of half floors
  • Jacking points
  • Rear wings
  • Rear inner arches
  • Rear engine bay corners

This is what we had to work withThe roof was good though!

Again, the second photograph to the right doesn’t really show how bad the car was.

So there we were with a car that needed far more work than we originally thought, and a project that had gone from a rebuild, to a total restoration. The main question at that point? Is this car beyond repair?

We’ll be posting more about this restoration project in the coming weeks so make sure you are following our posts on Facebook to find out more about how this restoration project turned out.

22nd September 2016 Restoration Projects Author: Adam Smith
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