Restoring a Fiat 500L

Part 1: Never drink and buy online!

Back in early 2014, we were nearing the end of a number of Fiat 500 projects, and our head technician quipped “you better get me the next one then”. Whilst the idea of sourcing another project car was a good one, the situation surrounding the search was far from ideal!

Lets just say that it was evening time, a few friends were present, the ale was flowing, and the eBay bidding was a little more frivolous than normal – the aforementioned technician may have been present too!

A few days latter, and an email drops into my inbox, congratulating me on winning an auction. What auction……..oh……..b****r……..what have we done? We were now the proud owner of a 1971, RHD, Fiat 500L. The car had recently been re-sprayed, and simply needed rebuilding with the complete and present array of parts, and an extra gearbox! At this point I thought ‘that could have been far worse, this will be easy’. The following day we hitched the trailer onto the Land Rover, and drove two hours north to collect our new project.

Needless to say, the freshly painted, complete car that we set off in search of didn’t materialise. In its place was a rusty, surely incomplete, heap! It was clear and immediate to see that the seller wasn’t prepared to admit that he had been a little ‘creative’ with his description or distant from the truth.

So we got back in the Land Rover, and prepared to head back down the M1. At this point the slightly more jovial seller realised we were really leaving, and reduced the asking price, eventually to a figure that was worth shaking his disingenuous hand for.

So we loaded the aforementioned heap, and headed back, vowing to never look at cars on the internet again beyond 2 beers.

We’ll be posting more about this restoration project in the coming weeks so make sure you are following our posts on Facebook and check back regularly for updates.


13th September 2016 Restoration Projects Author: Adam Smith
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