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Restoring a Fiat 500L Part 5: The greasy bits!

With our beautiful shiny bodywork now complete, it was time to re build the car with all the new and rebuilt mechanical parts.

We started with the under side, fitting a new leaf spring, pair of king pins, drop links and shocks at the front, along with new brake cylinders, shoes and springs. The king pins are notorious on 500s, and even new ones have slight play in them. A new leaf spring does mean the car sits a little high for a few thousand miles, but the bouncy ride is part of the 500s charm!



The restored steering box and arm were next, as the front end began shaping up nicely.



Moving to the rear, new arms, springs and brake elements were built up.



At this stage we hit a very satisfying milestone – fitting the new wheels to the car and allowing it to sit on the floor!



19th December 2017 Uncategorised Author: Adam Smith
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