Classic Car Storage


Need Classic Car Storage but dont have the space?

Keeping your classic in top condition is a constant challenge – especially if you don’t have a heated garage at home, along with all the necessary equipment and products. Why not let us take the responsibility for maintaining your classic in the condition it deserves?

We have a comprehensive three-stage storage process that prepares and maintains your car in our heated, secure, storage facility. Most importantly, every two weeks your car will be run up to temperature and moved around the facility. This is critical as it allows hot oil to circulate around the engine, gearbox and differential. Brakes and gears are also engaged, and wheels turned through full motion. This replicates many of the benefits of driving – without putting extra miles on the clock. It’s as if you’d taken it out and driven it yourself – which, of course, you are free to do at any time.

In short, we look after your car as if it were our own.


Condition report

Individual job number opened

Car cleaned and dried

Mechanical inspection

Battery conditioner assigned

Indoor cover assigned

Email update provided

High security

Discreet location

Heated environment


Trickle charged

Weekly inspection

Fortnightly running up to temperature

Email update provided

MOT and road tax check

Mechanical inspection

Door-to-door service available

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